Tuesday, February 19, 2019

2018 Show season recap and year-end awards

I've been trying to decide what the heck I'm going to blog about now that I actually re-started a blog! lol  I don't want to spend too much time looking back, but we are in the dead of winter and I'm not riding, so I don't have a lot of options! 
Actual footage of me, pondering what to post...
2018 was exciting for me, as I got my new halter horse in May.  Fred was 3 in 2018, so I was able to show in the 3yr old classes at our local QH shows.  I had initially had some wild plans to travel to some shows further afield with a friend of mine, but she lost her show horse suddenly last spring, so we dialed back our plans.  Not to mention that showing breed shows is damn expensive!

We went to Kentucky (about 18 hrs) to get Fred - it was a fun trip - my friend had (she sold it! :-( ) a big 36' LQ trailer and truck and loves road trips, so we were off. She also arranged the purchase of the horse and knows the breeder quite well, so we made it into a mini-vacation.
We had a long way to go and a short time to get there!
Fred was quite thin when we got him home, so that was a bit disappointing.  I had hoped to show him sooner, but a halter horse with visible ribs is not going to win any prizes!  I immediately started feeding him up and working him lightly on the longe and hand-walking.   We made it out to our first show in June.  He was still a bit too thin, but I wanted the mileage to see how he would behave.  And, it would make us eligible for year-end points with the local club. 

I have to tell you, showing in hand at breed shows is pretty sweet.  I do 2 classes and then I'm usually done by 9 or 10am!  We then go grab breakfast and hang around at the show helping friends.

Still needs more weight and muscle, but looking ok!
Fred's next show was in late July and he had put on quite a bit more weight, so we did quite well.  We had 4 grand champion and I think 4 reserve champion halter wins.  In addition to the satin (hells yeah!) the first time your horse gets a grand champion halter win, AQHA sends you big ass trophies!  (woot!)  I got those this year as well, which was pretty damn awesome.
Yasss! Trophies!  Finally, after years of paying AQHA memberships...lol
We were also the provincial high point 3 yr old gelding in the open and amateur halter classes and I got another trophy and a stall-front bag, which I still need to pick up from a friend.  Not too shabby! There wasn't a lot of competition in the 3yr old classes, but I'll take the trophy!!  Fred was also the high point open and amateur 3yr old gelding in the local QH club, but we won't get those awards until July of this year!  That club does their awards at their first show!  Ugh. Not good at waiting!  lol

That wraps up the show side of 2018.  I'm still debating on 2019 show plans and hope to post more abut that in March. 


  1. Fred is seriously handsome! i really don't know anything about halter and breed classes. like what sorts of things the judges are looking for in terms of build or presentation, or even how the handlers go about showing that off (tho i do know there's an art to the handling -- that was pretty clear just from scribing for the judges at an in-hand future event horse class!!). would love to read more about that esp as you start making your 2019 plans!

    1. Thanks for the first comment, Emma! Western breed show halter is an interesting beast - I have mixed feelings about it even though I dabble in it as an amateur. I'll definitely write a few posts on it this spring!

  2. YAY you're back! Fred is a nice looking boy and you guys had a great first show season! Sounds like you will have a lot of fun with him this year!

    1. Thanks!!!!! :-) Yes, I'm back - we'll see how it goes!


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