Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Winter wonderland?

So, I started a new blog.  Not sure how I feel about it yet.  lol  I had a blog back in the day, but let it sit idle for too long.  I have some work to do here - to give everyone some info on who I am and what my deal is!

My rationale for attempting to start blogging again was to connect with other horse bloggers and to encourage myself to do more writing.  I have to write a lot for work, but it tends to be more formulated responses, so not a lot of creativity is needed.

I don't have any plans about what I'll write about - I didn't ride much last year, as I have a new halter horse and fitting him took a lot of time.  I guess I'll write about whatever takes my fancy at any given time.  I like photography, art and personal finance stuff as well as the obvious: horses.  Also expect to see a lot of cat and dog photos!

Here in my region of Canada, we are deep - like 260 cm (102 inches) deep - into winter.  Now, that much snow falls over a few months and packs down and melts a bit here and there, so we aren't all trying to navigate snow that deep everywhere.  We did just get 30 cm (11") overnight and I get to work from home today - hence this first post!

I kept the horses in the barn last night (2 QH, 1 mini, 1 pony (who is a boarder)) because the wind and snow were howling out of the SE and they had no shelter.  I typically keep the horses outside much of the time, but I make an exception when they can't find shelter from the barn or their lean-to.  I'm not a total monster!
I'm short - maybe I should've stayed in?  Copper, probably.

Copper was a little hesitant to leave the barn this morning - can't say I blame him - he is pretty small.  I'm only 5' tall myself, so I get the difficulties of short legs and deep snow!  Luckily for him, the snow drifted in a way that there are quite a few clear spots for him to get around.

This whole re-entry to blogging thing also requires me to remember my phone for media! That will take some getting used to.  I took some super exciting video of the horses walking out through the snowdrift at the back door.   Agreed that there is work to be done on the quality of said media.  LOL

I will go back out the barn later today and do some shovelling to clear out the shelter, the back door and the area around the water trough.  I also have to get rid of this wave-like drift that blew in the front doors of the barn!  The doors don't close 100% in the winter (ice, snow, laziness on my part) so I sometimes get a bit of snow inside.

Crazy wave snow drift - looks like it could come to life at any moment!  Also - foreshadowing of the waves I'll see on my trip in 2 weeks!!!

OK - first post done! Phew!  Hopefully I can post somewhat regularly moving forward!

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  1. glad you got the comments opened up ;) Copper is suuuuuper cute btw! little mini in so much snow!!!


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