Saturday, March 2, 2019

BBQH -Comin’ at ya live from Maui!

Yeah, so I started a new blog, wrote two posts and promptly took off on a big vacation!

My hubby and I have been planning this trip for a while -  we initially wanted to go on this same trip with some friends a few years ago.  But life stepped in and took us on a bit of a detour - my hubby had a very serious health issue - and it has taken until this year to get back on track, so to speak...

I feel very lucky to be able to get away. How in the heck do I leave for 2 weeks when I have 2 cats, 2 dogs and 3 horses at home? My awesome Mom, that’s how! My pets like my Mom more than me most days so they are in good hands. The horses took more convincing - she claims to be a bit afraid of the horses - but I convinced her she was ok to do hay and water! We had a few days together before we left (my Mom lives a few hours away) and by the time I left she was climbing through the fence and giving the horses kisses on their noses! Lol

It is a real treat to be away from the crappy, icy, snowy, freezing cold winter. I’ll leave you with a few pics and catch up more in a couple of weeks!

US snacks - this could be a whole blog post!!
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  1. Since I am a bad person, The US snack selection always makes me feel better about my own not-so-healthy snack choices. Us Canadians are positively tame in comparison :D


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