Thursday, March 28, 2019

Spring prep and wish list

Since I'm sitting here with a bum ankle (it is slowly getting better) and lots of time on my hands, I've been doing some online wish list shopping and a bit of real shopping.

Real shopping includes supplements and feed-related practical stuff:

- salt blocks

- Hoffman's loose mineral supplement -  trying this out - it is a Cdn company

- Elite 3 hemp oil - for Fred mostly, but also for the dog - another Cdn company

- a one month sub to FeedXL - they have a huge database and it includes a lot of Cdn brands/products, so 3 cheers to Feed XL!  I'm going to run Fred's diet through here and see if I can pack some weight on him.

My wish list is growing by the hour, but my top 3 "wants" are:

- A C4 belt - they have a big butts one!!!  How could I pass that up?

- Another pair of Dreamers and Schemers socks - again with big butts.  Oh man - I just clicked on the accessories page and they have big butts on everything! Argh!

- and the big ticket items - a Bot sheet, quick wraps and a halter for Fred.  I'm so excited that BoT Canada finally has the coloured items.  The good news for my credit card is that all of the green items are out of stock!

You may have noticed that I'm mostly focusing on items I can get from Canadian retailers.  The belt and socks (even though it is a Cdn company!) won't likely be ordered until I can justify a trip down to pick up things in the US.  If there are things I really need, I either get them at Congress in October, or have it shipped to the US. I live about an hour or so from the border, so if needed, I can zip down and pick up a few things.  Sadly our dollar is really weak against the US dollar right now and US shipping prices and customs are killers.  Sometimes the shipping and customs ends up being more than the product you order.  Sad times for shopaholics like me; good for my credit card and budget! 


  1. ooooh that big butts design is so freakin cute!! i have the space cats c4 belt and it's so fun lol

    1. their belt designs are pretty darn cute!

  2. The big butts are SO cute! What I'm reading here though, is that I should probably do all my Canadian shopping now while our dollar is strong....

    1. Yes - if you need anything here, (or just want to come visit) order away. It will be like getting a 30% discount!


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