Monday, March 25, 2019

Temporarily sidelined

Usually on horse blogs, it is the horse that has sustained the injury.  This time, it's me!

Winter ice:1  Laura: 0

My horses are usually out 24/7, so I don't do a formal night check.  Whoever takes the dogs out for a last pee break usually does a quick eyeball to make sure the horses are ok.

Lately Fred has been pulling apart my electric fence. The fence is off, since all of the deep snow has shorted it.  He wrecked one section that separated the minis summer paddock and I had to just do some makeshift work to make it sort of safe.

Saturday night I was worried that he was tangled up in the fence - I went out at around 9:30 to check on him.  He was fine.  I was walking on a section of the laneway that I don't normally walk on and it was sheer ice.

One second I was fine, the next I heard a loud pop/crack and I was on my butt.  It took a few seconds to process things - I was sure I had broken my ankle!

I managed to hobble back to the house and get the hubby.  We went to our local ER and the Dr. thought it was just a sprain.  It is likely a grade 2 or 3 sprain, with partial or complete tearing of the ligament.
F**k, damn, sh*t, f**k, me probably.
I've been icing, compressing and elevating and I am just able to bear some weight on it as of today.  Yikes.  What crappy timing - I was just about to start working Fred and get my barn spring cleaned!  I guess it will all have to wait a week or two!

In the grand scheme of things, a sprained ankle is not that serious of an injury, so I'm grateful it isn't broken.  Although, Dr. Google tells me that serious sprains can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks to heal.  Fun.  My right ankle is always weak and I think this sprain will make it even worse.  Off to shop for ankle braces - maybe BoT makes one for people?


  1. ugh that's awful, i'm so sorry :( i broke my ankle stepping out of my trailer a couple years ago and it was freakin awful. tho i'm actually pretty convinced that sprains with ST damage are worse than plain breaks, so take care of yourself!!!

    1. Thanks - I dunno - I think a break is pretty painful too.

  2. UGH! That really sucks. I'm sorry :(
    I'm not sure if BOT has an ankle brace, but I think they have a sleeve. They definitely have socks which you could probably use with a regular brace.
    I hope you heal quickly, definitely crappy timing with spring finally arriving.

  3. I sprained my ankle in 8th and it took a lot longer to heal than I wanted - soft tissue injuries are just as tricky in people as they are in horses. Baby it if you can!

    1. Thanks - yeah my physio is thinking min 4 weeks! Probably longer for it to be stable...


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