Thursday, April 4, 2019

2019 Plans...-ish

**Disclaimer:  I wrote the 1st draft of this BEFORE I sprained my stupid needless to say I'm a bit behind in my plans, but c'est la vie. ****************
I had been waiting for my trip to be over and for things to warm up a little bit around here before I got too excited about horse plans. I usually get super excited about summer shows and events and want to do all the things, but have to rein myself in... 
My show plans for this year are totally up in the air, but that will sort itself out as we go, I'm sure.

I always struggle with goals and plans for the year, as things can change on the fly with life (sprained ankle?) and with horses.  I try not to get too caught up in setting detailed goals (even though I love a good list!), but it does help me to have a bit of a plan, so I know what I'm working towards.
My immediate plan My plan as soon as I can walk somewhat normally is to start working with Fred as we don’t do much of anything in the deep winter. He hasn’t done much since October and has the longest gangly teenager legs I’ve seen. 

Editor's note:  I had hoped to have a nice pic of Fred out working on the laneway here, but instead, a picture of my view of the horses the past two weeks!  *sigh*

Hubby feeding Fred, with Copper hoping he will get hay too and Gypsy the BC supervising.
I'm also on the board of directors for a small show club - cowboy obstacle racing of all things!  I'm not a huge fan of the sport, but my friend is on the board and I'm just along to help her out.  I will be stepping down after this year, so I'm sort of looking forward to having no firm commitments for volunteering after this year.   I have volunteered for a lot of stuff the past few years and am thoroughly burnt out on that front!

So, here are some tentative plans for the horses for this year: I also created an events page (like Emma!) to keep track of all the horse events I'd like to attend/spectate.
Fred (4)
  • slowly increase feed to get him fattened up for a potential show season (he is not an easy keeper like most QH)
  • start hand walking so he is ready to start more work if/when ground/grass shows itself again
  • work 4-5x per week - lunging, ponying etc
  • wear tack like a grown up (as a halter horse, he doesn't *need* to be started in tack, but I want to give him some skills so he has a future after showing)
  • learn to long line/ground drive
  • maybe attend some AQHA shows (depends on how he looks, growth spurts, etc)
  • Stretch goal - attend a trick training clinic - for something fun
  • Stretch goal - have him backed
  • Stretch goal - earn AQHA halter register of merit (ROM) - we only need a couple of points in the open and maybe 4 in the amateur
Spencer (18!)
  • stay healthy and sound
  • ride 2-3x week (this will likely back off when it gets super hot)
  • take a few lessons
  • maybe do a show or two
  • pony Fred
Copper (mini)
  • continue being cute!
  • keep weight down (I feel your pain, little buddy!)
  • try some light work - hand walking or something
  • plan and budget for barn improvements - eavestrough, repair some electrical stuff, maybe gravel (a girl can dream) and maybe some new fence posts
  • work on personal finances
  • work on fitness
  • volunteer for 1 club (down from 3!)
  • stretch goal: purchase a used ATV to harrow the riding ring!
  • stretch goal: attend QH Congress in Ohio in October
  • stretch goal: Disneyworld with my Mom and cousin in November
That seems like a lot of stuff when it is all listed!  The list is pretty fluid and I'm sure I'll add and remove stuff on a whim or out of necessity. 


  1. Sounds like a good plan! Hope you can back to horsing soon!

  2. Oh man so frustrating how the ankle injury futzed everything up :( still tho, planning a year out is fun ! I esp like the events page too, I use mine as a one stop shop that my friends can check in on too

  3. I hope your ankle heals up quickly so you can get to your great list of items. I've always wanted to be on the board of something - that's so cool you are on one even if its not something you do specifically.

    1. I've resigned from 2 larger boards of directors - it was taking up too much time! Kinda fun to know how show mgt works though.


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