Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Fred - in a saddle!

I was bound and determined to do more than just groom Fred this weekend!  I really want to start working with him as the weather is now more spring-like.

I wasn't sure how much my ankle could tolerate, so I thought handwalking on the laneway was my best bet.  I also decided Fred was going to try out a saddle too!  Whew! Can you handle the excitement?  lol

I've saddled Fred a few times in the barn this winter, but never had him walk around with it girthed up.  Spoiler alert: he was fine.  ;-)  It is hard to take pics of this horse - he wants to be in your pocket the whole time!
I need scritches pleez.  Fred, probably

I threw an English saddle on him - we aren't ready for the big western saddle just yet.  Not to mention the fact that I can't lift and carry that sucker right now. I'd probably trip and break my ankle! lol  (Going slightly crazy since my ankle is not better yet!)   He didn't even react when I tightened the girth slowly.  He is so calm 99% of the time. I really hope that carries over when someone gets on him for the first time.
I managed to get one decent-ish picture. 
We hobbled up and down the laneway a couple of times and Fred was great.  I just didn't feel comfortable leading a huge animal that could jump/spook at any time.  I don't think I could react quick enough if something happened. 

This ankle business is seriously cramping my spring plans!

At the end of the walk, I even let down one stirrup and flapped it around.  Fred really didn't care. He might feel differently moving a bit faster on the longe line - maybe next month I can try that?  *Sigh*
I really need a green saddle pad! Sheesh!
All in all, it was fun to do something else with Fred, even for a few minutes!


  1. aw he's so cute haha!! i hope your ankle feels better soon tho! sometimes even tho it sucks, rest is the only real cure

    1. ummm, have you been talking to my physio? lol He told me last night to back off the walking, etc. *sigh*

  2. He's so chill! Love that he's not too impressed by the saddle nor the flapping stirrup. I'm sure that's just who he is and it should carry over under saddle for you.
    So frustrating about the ankle. I hope it gets better soon!

    1. Thanks...he does seem chill and hopefully it carries over to riding.

  3. Sounds like Fred has a good brain - such a bummer about your ankle!


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