Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Goings on...body clipping, farrier

Since spring is sort of, kinda here, I've been working on getting stuff done around my place.  I have a lot of work left on gardens and fencing, but that will wait until next weekend.

We had a long weekend and I took an extra couple of days off on top of that, so I managed to get a few important things done.  The farrier was out for all 3 boys, I got some hay and grain and most importantly, little Copper was body clipped!

He has a super thick coat and it just doesn't shed out nicely. I'm going to have him tested for Cushings when the vet is out next.  In the meantime, he was getting really itchy and always rolling and rubbing.  Poor little guy!

It took 4 sessions and 3 sets of clippers and blades, but he is all done now!  He is so good and loves attention, so he just stands there while you clip him.  It took 4 sessions because the clippers kept overheating! 
Fred isn't sure he wants to be part of this clipping business...
By Sunday, I had set up a little clipper hospital in the tack room - to keep the blades clean and the clippers cooled down between rounds.  I'm going to collect all the blades and take them to be sharpened so I'm ready to clip again if needed! 
I was determined to take all 3 clippers apart and figure out how they work!
Then, it rained and was cold overnight on Sunday!  I woke up wide awake at 5am, worried about Copper being cold now that he was partially clipped and all skinny!  I was right - he was shivering and wet when I went to the barn.

I have a little purple cooler for him, but it turns out that it is way too small somehow.  So, he got to wear his big brother's cooler!  lol

mini burrito?
He didn't mind being wrapped up like a burrito for an hour or two - I gave him some hay and let him wander around the barn and he warmed up quickly.
Must. bite. that. little. butt.  Fred, probably.
Copper is tricky to take pictures of because he wants to be in your lap and have you scratch all his itchy spots.    And, once I got down to be able to see skin, I found some old rain rot spots. No wonder the poor guy was itchy!  I washed and treated the spots every day this weekend and will keep at it until it clears up.  Weird how he has never had rain rot and then this year he gets it...  Annoying!  
Do you like his dress?  A properly fitted cooler is now on my shopping list!
How was your weekend?  I think this weekend coming up is a long weekend in the US.


  1. Omgosh he’s so cute all wrapped up haha! Love that pic of Fred trying to bite his butt too LOL

    1. He is so cute and sweet. He loves attention... Fred, well, he is a big goof. ;-)

  2. Love your little barn, I'd love one like that. So nice and cozy looking! (I'd happily take the equines too, lol)

    1. Thanks - sometimes it is a bit too small - I could use more room to store hay. And the stalls are 10ishx11ish, I sometimes wish they were a smidge bigger. Oh well - can't be too picky! ;-)

  3. He's such a little nugget! I bet he's happy to have all that hair off.

    1. yeah, he seems to be feeling better all clipped.


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