Monday, May 6, 2019

Monday - I got nuthin'

Man, Mondays are tough!  I'm still grounded by my physio, so very limited time doing anything but sitting around.  I did another round of "please let all of this winter hair shed out now omg" on each horse and then parked myself in a chair on the lawn while I hand-grazed Fred.  That was about the extent of horse-stuff!

I did catch Fred and Copper playing last week and got a few pics. I had to take the pictures from the house, because if I went outside they would immediately stop. 

These two play a lot  and it seems pretty fair. I'm always worried about the little guy getting hurt, but in reality, Fred is the one that gets picked on the most.  He has quite a few bite marks from this winter that are finally growing in new hair.

Sorry about the photo quality - I need a bigger zoom lens - put that on my shopping wish list!


  1. Ugh, tell your physio riding will help... (completely untrue, but like maybe?)
    They are so cute playing together. I love that mini!

    1. he is a cutie - he's more like a big dog than a horse some days!

  2. Omgosh those pics are adorable tho!!! Good luck with the healing too. It sucks but better to get it done once vs have to keep dealing with issues from rushing it!

  3. they are cute together. Turns out I have an issue with my ankle that may take even longer to heal!

  4. Copper looks quite fierce! lol


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