Sunday, June 30, 2019

1 Cowboy obstacle race down, 3 to go

We got through our day yesterday without too many hiccups! The weather worked in our favour too - it was hot and sunny right up until the last rider at 4:30, then the heavens open up and it poured for about 30 mins.
A fairly basic course - the bridge is fun and there was even a little jump!  Most people just walked over it.
We had about 50 runs over 5 divisions, so not a bad day. This club is a schooling level show and since it is the first one, our judge set an easier course.  For each division over novice, she added difficulty by adding decorations such as balloons or feathers to the obstacles and added water to the water box (in the line on the right, past the jump).  It made it easier on our volunteers, since they didn't have to move and add obstacles throughout the day.
Half of outdoor ring looking at the indoor.  Can I move in?
We were at the farm of one of our board members.  It is a big deal to have 20 or so trailers and 30-40 people traipsing around your (pristine) property.  This place is a horse-lovers dream - 10 stall barn, big pastures, individual pens, a small event field (they are ropers, so don't use it), a huuuuggge outdoor sand ring (at least 250 x 600, maybe bigger) and an indoor arena - I was contemplating moving in!
There are some old jumps out in the grass field 
The riders seemed to have fun and most of them did quite well with their horses and the obstacles.  These shows are interesting as a horse that does all kinds of stuff at home, will often look twice at balloons, feathers and other interesting things.  Oddly enough, the big flapping start/finish flags didn't bother a single horse!  The course is timed and riders get extra points for their time - faster time = more points, slower time = fewer points - and the obstacles are scored on a scale of 1-10.    The judge sets a pattern for the course and at our shows, the obstacles are numbered to help people.

We had a fun selection of breeds too - there was a fjord (want!), 2 Canadian horses (so handsome!), a morgan, many paints and QHs, a TB, an arab and a super cute pony.
The fjord looked at the feathers, but walked right over.

I got a short video of the Canadian - he is a stud - and quite handsome! Riders had to pull the ball in a haynet out of the barrel and drag it around the bridge.  If you knocked over the barrel you lost points and if you had a hard time getting the rope organized, it would slow down your run.  And we even nailed the trendy friend's kids were asking us to play Old Town Road on repeat.  Our more mature riders weren't so sure of that song.  lol

I hit another storm on my drive home and I had to stop and get some pictures because the sky was pretty dark and dramatic.  And, it is beautiful here this time of year with all of the green and the big sky.   Although this climate change business has been bringing this region more tornado warnings and actual tornadoes. Scary stuff. A bad tornado hit very close to home (about 3 miles) away last September, so everyone is a little jumpy when the weather folks start broadcasting tornado warnings...
Dark and dramatic, with a dash of tornado warnings...

It is nice and cool and rainy this morning, so I thought I would knock out a blog post before I forget! I'm also counting cash and finalizing paperwork before heading out to the barn to do some work there.
Cash and more cash.  Crazy colours and all.  Sadly not mine...;-)
Would you guys try and obstacle race if there was one in your area?  Our club lets riders use whatever tack they wish, so no need for a western saddle or a cowboy hat!


  1. Sounds like a very successful event! That farm is lovely and the Fjord can just get right in my hatchback, please and thank you. What a fun day :)

    1. the fjord was totally the one I would've taken home too!

  2. I would totally do this! Not sure how well Charlie would handle it all but I always kinda regretted not doing something like this with my last mare, feisty game Arabian Isabel - she would have eaten it up!

    1. Charlie would be great - I'm sure he'd adapt quickly, being a brave eventer and all!

  3. That sounds SO FUN! I probably wouldn't with my spooky warmbloods, but I bet my pony would be great, albeit probably super slow. haha!
    Your money is so much prettier than ours.

    1. The pony would be awesome! It can be fun to ride, but I don't like the pressure of being timed... lol Our money is pretty, too bad it wasn't more valuable! (it costs me $1.31 or more to get 1 USD!)

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun! I would definitely like to bring my horse to one of those for the experience if there one was in my area.


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