Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Volunteer time - cowboy obstacle show

I think I've mentioned it before, but I've done a fair bit of volunteering for horse show-related stuff over the past 10 years.  It started out being fun, but slowly become a complete drain on my time and energy.  I resigned from all my positions but one last year. I'm on the board of directors for a small club that does cowboy obstacle races.  I stayed on to help as a favour to a friend, but this will be my last year of helping out to this level.
Part of a course from last year. That is the barn owner's dog drinking out of the water box!
I'm the treasurer and I do all of the finances, paperwork and prizes - forms, entries, order-of-go for the classes, scoring, sponsor letters, etc.  It is fun to a point, but it takes so much time and we have 4 shows this year.   Our first show is coming up this weekend, so I've been spending a fair bit of time in the evenings doing paperwork.
Charlie is my manager - she isn't very helpful...but she is super cute!
Shopping for prizes and exhibitor gifts is the fun part for sure.  This year my friend picked up a few things she found.  Some years we have bought a bunch of different stuff at Congress.  This year I  found a great local vendor of horse treats and placed a big order before the show.  I have to stop by the local tack shop for a few things on Friday and and make a run to the bank.  This year, aside from a few fun prizes, we are giving out cash for 1st-5th place in all divisions. We find that everyone likes cash - it doesn't collect dust like a trophy.  :-)
These are the gift bags the treat people made for us!  The cookies are edible by humans as well - they are soft molasses cookies that aren't too sweet.

We have a long weekend coming up, so this will keep me busy until Saturday, then I'll have Sunday AND Monday to relax and get some stuff done around the house.


  1. ooooh that obstacle course looks so fun, and i love the treats!! i love volunteering too but haven't gotten brave enough to take on a formal role with any of my local organizations. definitely seems like a huge time suck, not to mention the drama and infighting that always seems rampant at these things. good for you tho for putting in the time - it's so important!

    1. The treats are soooo cute! The drama and infighting is what ruins volunteers (speaking from personal experience) and that is sad, because those people take away from helping clubs and shows grow and be successful.

  2. Oh yeah, that's a ton of work for a volunteer position! But so great that you've been able to pitch in. I hope you'll share some photos/video from the show, it sounds so fun! I love those cookies too, totally want to eat that donut one...

    1. I'll try and get some pics/video. Some of the riders are pretty awesome. The cookies are just molasses cookies that aren't too sweet - I ate at least 5 at the last show when I met the vendor!


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