Monday, June 17, 2019

Weekend wrap-up

This weekend extended into Monday, so I'm technically not late on writing about the weekend. And, hey, it's my blog, so I guess I can post this whenever I want.  lol

My weekend was one of those that I don't want to repeat too often.  I spent almost 4 hours helping a friend load her butthead of a horse (and another 2.5 hours today).  He isn't dangerous or afraid, just incredibly stubborn and difficult.  He doesn't give to pressure, but fights it.  Actually, in hindsight, that does make him dangerous...yikes.  Anyhoo, we have a system going with him so hopefully moving forward we can get him in in a reasonable time frame. I feel bad for my friend as she was hoping to show this summer, but (rightly so, imho) is nervous about getting him somewhere and then not being able to get him home.

Then, on Sunday, my yellow dog decided to give us a scare.  Labs are the worst for eating stuff they shouldn't - I'm sure most people know a story about a lab that ate something bad - and was either fine, or cost their owners thousands of dollars...Sophie stole my purse off the kitchen counter, rooted through it and ate and entire big package of tic tac gum.  Ugh.  Gum is bad for dogs due to the xylitol.  We found her 30 mins to an hour after she ate it and had started throwing up.  She was lethargic and had a really high heart rate.

Xylitol poisoning can cause blood glucose levels to spike and/or liver damage.  Not good.  We decided to take her to the vet to get checked out. We got lucky and found a new vet close by that was open on Sundays and didn't charge super high emergency fees.

They tested her blood right away and things were good.  They recommended keeping her overnight with IV fluids and monitoring.  I have to say this new clinic is great - the care and attention to details was simply amazing.  We got a call first thing this morning with an update. Her levels were fine this am as well and after one more test at noon, she would be ok to come home.
Heading home from the vet. Would totally eat more gum if she found it.
So, that was an expensive and stressful 24 hours. Luckily she seems to be fine and my emergency vet fund got a workout.

And since I stayed home today to deal with vet stuff, I was able to help my friend again with trailer loading.   After that fiasco sort of success, she rode Spencer for me and ponied Fred. And I took a picture.  Wow - am totally nailing this blogging stuff.  
Around and around.  Lots of trotting!  And it was a beautiful day!
Fred and Spencer were both great. Spencer was puffing a bit since he hasn't been worked in about 9 months.  Fred is a bit of a big slug - admittedly, it is a big red bus to get moving.  lol  

Oh, and the best weird news of the long weekend?  My doctor called with my x-ray results.  I did indeed fracture my fibula (outside leg bone) down near the ankle! F*** me!  It is showing as mostly healed now, but with a lot of swelling.  I have to see a sports medicine Dr next to see if there is anything else to be done with it, or if it will just take time.    I'm totally kicking myself for not getting an x-ray during the first week - damn you hindsight - but I trusted the ER doc that I saw and thought it was just a sprain.  Live and learn, folks. And trust your instincts if something doesn't feel right!


  1. Ok first... This is hilarious:
    "she rode Spencer for me and ponied Fred. And I took a picture. Wow - am totally nailing this blogging stuff." But I totally do pat myself on the back when I remember photos! Lol!
    And UGH so sorry about the pup and the fact that you had a broken leg and didn't know it! That certainly explains the pain. Hope it finishes healing itself soon.

    1. lol - yeah the picture thing is still a novel concept. And I took exactly 1 picture. hhahaha

      Yeah, life is like that. At least the pup is ok now.

  2. that's so scary about your dog, so glad she's ok tho!!! and what a bummer about the leg tho. i was lucky when i first broke my leg that one of my barn mates at the time was a nurse and told me that fresh fractures don't always show up on x-rays right away (tho, uh, mine totally did haha).

    1. Yep - bummersville for sure, but mostly ending well. I had a dr. insist and guarantee it wasn't broken (I guess he had xray vision?) so I didn't pursue it. I guess yours was a significant fracture to show up right away! Yikes... I think mine was/is not as severe...?

  3. New reader here! Jumping in make a couple quick comments.

    For a few minutes I thought you were writing about loading my idiot chestnut a few years ago! I'm pretty sure ANYONE who helped us try and load him (with the exception of the couple of times we moved him after the one failed move after I bought him) were multi-hour affairs including the EMERGENCY trip to and from the vet hospital. I used those words too. He's not dangerous or terrified which might actually make him dangerous... He just shut down completely. He actually self loads now though he rides backwards solo in a step up stock trailer, but whatever. He consistently loads. It's a "bad day" if I have to give him a smack or tap with a stick and it takes 45 seconds to load vs the usual 5 seconds. So there IS hope for your friend's horse. I basically hired a pro. 1 session and the best $75 I ever spent for 90 minutes of work.

    As for you dog, I'm glad she's OK!!! That's terrifying and I'm always reading ingredients just in case because I'm scared what my lab might get in to (what she's already eaten is scary... her garbage disposal system...). I hope your leg recovery isn't too terrible too.


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