Monday, June 24, 2019

Well, that didn't go as planned...

Fred and I did make it to the show yesterday.
Fred and Bailey ready to go!

We managed to do our halter class, getting a 2nd out of 4. Halter does a grand and reserve champ as well, where the first and second place horses from all halter classes go in together. We did not do well there but that’s ok, I had a bigger problem.
Fred was having trouble standing still. We ended up a bit out of
Working on setting up his feet.
He was slightly distracted by the goings-on outside the ring, but it was ok.  He put his ears up and looked cute.

Not only was my ankle sore (really sick of talking about that!) but this last week I developed a cyst in my right knee joint (same side as the ankle) and it made it very painful to walk ( it is called a baker's cyst and there isn't much you can do about it - since it is internal to the joint - until it bursts and goes away!). I had to scratch my showmanship and in hand trail as I couldn’t jog my horse in the deep sand, let alone walk him much. 
Slightly discouraged, but still trying to smile.

Fred didn’t seem to mind. He was tucked into a nice stall with 2nd cut hay, lots of friends nearby and the best horse treats. :-)
The best treats! Locally made and apparently very tasty!
I, on the other hand, was more than a bit bummed out about the whole day.  I did have fun visiting with friends and enjoying the nice weather.  Fred was a champ and loaded no problem.  My friend's difficult to load horse is now walking right on the trailer.  I'm pretty pleased with that.  Somehow we seem to have got it through his thick skull that the trailer isn't so bad.  I hope that trend continues, so my friend can get out and show more. 

This year has been frustrating to say the least. I don't want to be negative, but I do want to keep this blog somewhat realistic with my struggles.  It seems my health is causing more problems than the horse, which I think is a first.  lol  I knew going in to this season that Fred wouldn't be very competitive as I haven't had the ability to work him and prep him as I normally would.  The outcome of this show is that I need to focus on me and getting myself feeling better physically and mentally.  Not any easy task, but definitely important.  I think that will be my 2019 Q3 and Q4 goals!

And I also realllly need to go through my show kit and sort out where all my stuff is. A few things were missing from my toolbox that would have come in handy.  We have a long weekend coming up this weekend (yeah Canada Day!) so my plan is to go through all of my stuff and get organized.
Roxie my feline supervisor is on the job!
So, all in all, the show was a bust. However, it did highlight some things to work on.  And I had some fun...sort between bouts of pouting and grumbling.  lol

Anyone have any tips on mental preparedness and such for shows and goals and life?


  1. That's a bummer! But I'm glad you were able to get out and at least do the one class. Horse showing can be disappointing, but there's always more to go to and try again! So get yourself healed up, the shows will be there when you're ready.

    1. thanks - you are right - there will be more shows. Now I just need to find some patience...!

  2. I’m sorry it didn’t go to plan :( the injuries are so so so frustrating. They won’t get better tho if you don’t give them a chance, which in some ways kinda makes it even more frustrating !

    1. Thanks - I'm feeling better about it today. I need to find a way to rest the ankle for it to heal, but still be able to do some stuff.

  3. So sorry about your knee - what causes a baker's cyst?

    1. Thanks! It depends - inflammation, arthritis, an injury to the knee... I'm wondering if mine is from the inflammation from the ankle sprain and me not walking, etc. as much as I normally do? I've had it a few times before, so I'm 99% sure that is what it is.


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