Tuesday, July 2, 2019

2019 Mid-way check in

Wow - this year is blowing by!  It seemed to drag on this winter, then we went to Hawaii (woot!) and then I hurt my ankle and well...you guys know the rest.

I've been pretty lax about horse plans and goals since my injury.  I'm still waiting to see a sports med doc in mid July so I'll hopefully know more about what I can expect pain/healing wise moving forward.


I feel sort of lucky that I didn't have a lot of time, money and effort put into horse plans that the injury would've forced me to cancel.   I'm not a big goal-setter type person, but I do need a bit of a roadmap to follow, or else I find myself navel gazing when winter rolls around, wondering what I did with my life.


So, let's just move on past the first half of the year and focus on the time left in 2019 to still pull this year out of the fire and have a few things accomplished:


  • as my ankle allows, work 3-4 times/week - lunging, ground work, poles, maybe working towards being backed
  • continue to get weight on him and develop some topline
  • find basic feed program that works without all kinds of supplements
  • ponder plans for 2020 for showing, etc.
  • take baseline height/weight for kicks

Spencer: this is a tough one.  What to do with an 18yo gelding that I can't ride due to my injury?  He is 100% sound and willing and able to ride. Do I try and sell him, find someone to lease him?  I'm hoping this will just work itself out and I won't have to worry about it too much.  I need a teenager to move in next door that wants to ride!  lol

Copper: kept his weight down and keep him healthy


Try and maintain fences, lawns and gardens as best as possible with gimpy ankle.  I'm taking some pressure off myself on this one.  I'm just going to do the best I can as I feel able.

Clean up barn and organize horse stuff.  Actually, I think I'm going to start a horse product shopping ban!  What???  I'm going to use what I have and only buy something if needed - like medical items or fly spray!  *Gulp*  We'll see how long this lasts!


  • do not purchase any new horse products - like mane conditioner, halters, brushes, combs, or even tack (unless urgently needed - like flyspray or medical items)
  • try and use up current supply of "stuff"
  • sort winter/summer stuff in bins so I can actually find things when needed
  • clean and sell tack I'm not using 
  • be able to find winter blankets that I put away in the summer
  • ditto for the heating element for the water trough!
  • store summer stuff in an organized manner so I can find it next spring


Sort out finances: I'm not going into detail here, but in 2016 my hubby was very, very sick and now he is ok.  Our finances took a big hit and we are now finally close to getting things sorted out a bit.


  • bank appt (this is low hanging fruit - it will give me something to check off!)
  • Start saving for a vet fund - 6 animals (3 horses, 2 cats, 1 dog) even when healthy, rack up significant vet bills for maintenance, shots, etc.  I'd like to have a bit of money set aside for next year so the bill isn't as much of a shock.
    • set aside $50/pay to start

Heh heh - just replace twinkies with Popeye's!
Health - I need to get this back on track.  My weight and fitness have been up and down a lot lately, but 2016 and now this injury really caused things to tank.  I need to make this a priority.

Q3 - Q4

  • dr's appt's (3 in July! yuck) to get back on track
  • find some sort of exercise that is easy on the ankle - I'm thinking cycling?  Normally my barn chores and riding help with fitness, but since that is very limited, well, we need a plan B
  • work on ideas to help anxiety (kinda vague, I know!)
  • plan meals and try to limit eating out (Popeye's, I lurve you sooo much)

Work - yeah, I'm adding this here.  I need to work on my French language skills for work.  My level used to be really good, but it has also tanked the past few years.   Pure laziness on my part.  Not sure what these goals will look like, but for starters:


  • listen to the radio in French
  • read work-related news articles in French (fun topics like organized crime, terrorism, etc.  lol)

I think that is quite a list for now! I'm feeling a bit refreshed looking forward to the rest of the year.  I decided not to show Fred at any AQHA shows this year, so I didn't have the added pressure of trying to fit him up with my ankle not getting the rest it needs to heal.  Now that I've made that decision, I feel like I have some room to actually accomplish a few things this year.

How are your goals/plans going for this year?  Have you ever considered a shopping ban of some sort?   Learned/maintained second language skills?


  1. Ugh, I need to organize my horse crap and stop buying new stuff. I realized the other day that I bought Eros TWO bits that I already had. (Facepalm)

    1. oh no - it sucks when you buy something you already have! But, you can't stop buying cool horse clothes and people clothes! I live vicariously through you! lol

  2. ugh i definitely feel ya on the injury getting in the way of things. i literally just stopped making and tracking goals altogether in the aftermath of my own ankle, bleh.

    anyway tho, nice set of goals - congrats on the progress so far, and good luck with the rest. i totally do the same with making some "low hanging fruit" goals just to make it that much easier to keep things moving haha

    1. yeah, I'm hoping this set of loose goals keeps me on track without stressing me out. ;-) I'm all about the low hanging fruit to keep me motivated!

  3. There are some news websites that are multilingual and slow to help with ear training. If I remember the name I'll be back with another comment!

    1. cool thanks! I'll go and google that as well.


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