Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Final volunteer weekend of the year

** Just a quick note on Spencer - I have had two updates from the riding program and Spencer is settling in well so far!   Thanks for the comments on my last post - I'm not as sad about it this week as I was last week, so that is good!


We are well into fair season here, with the big ones wrapping up in the next month or so.  This past weekend was one of our local fall fairs that I had two volunteer commitments to finish up.

My friend is a judge, so I often tag along with her to the western shows at the fairs. I think I've been to most in a 2-3 hour radius from here, just to see what they are like.    This year, I was her ring steward as a favour to her.   I got into the fair for free, so that is a bonus.
These two percherons were close to our ring and kept geting excited every time another horse went by. 
Luckily none of the riding horses spooked!
This fair is a cute one - they have cattle, draft horses and a light horse show on the same day as the western ring.  I went for a quick tour around and it seemed to me that all the horse show entries were down. The western show only had 6 people, which is really sad. A lot of fairs have cancelled their horse shows and I wouldn't be surprised if this one follows suit.
The fair board sometimes pays groups to come in and host events. And on Sunday, we put on our last cowboy obstacle show of the season at the same fair.   As of Sunday, I'm officially done volunteering with that club, which is a really good thing.

I'm very burnt out from volunteering on the boards of these local show clubs. It is such a drain on time and resources, especially if you work full time and, oh, I don't know, want to ride and show your own horse!  And don't get me started on politics and people not pulling their weight!
The good news is that the show went well and our entries were decent, considering there were many other events on at the same time.

The other good news?  Mini donuts.  My favourite thing at a fair!  I know you can find them elsewhere, but I only let myself eat them at a fair.  And yes, I totally use my bucket for snacks or a dog water dish for the next few months!


  1. looks like a pretty perfect weekend!! tho yea i can totally see why it's a relief to be done for the season haha. eventually i'd like to be more involved with the administration of my local organizations, but yea it can be a real drain on time and energy, esp when you factor in the various personalities and politics bleh. honestly i'm waiting for a few folks to just age out before i get more involved. and in the meantime, i volunteer in lighter single-day type roles that don't require me to handle any organizing or logistics lol. it's a nice balance for now!

    1. Yeah the single day roles are the way to go to help/be a part of things without all the rest of it!

  2. Very few of the fairs around here still have horse shows. It's really too bad!
    Those donuts look delicious!

  3. I really enjoy fair horse shows, some fairs really know how to treat exhibitors and rated horse shows could learn a lesson or two from them.


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