Saturday, October 19, 2019

Q4 Plans

I feel like I'm doing pretty well with plans and goals for the latter half of this year.  I'm aiming for consistency right now and hoping to actually have some achievable items on the books for 2020.  

There is always room for improvement and as well all know, life can throw a wrench in the works, but I'm feeling a bit more motivated and focused than I did in the first half of the year.  
heh heh so true...

Horses Q4


  • As the weather allows, work 2-3 times/week - lunging, ground work, poles, riding (!)
  • Maintain weight going into winter and develop some topline


  • Try to keep his weight down and keep him healthy

Barn/property Q4

  • Sort winter/summer horse stuff in bins so I can actually find things when needed
  • Stretch goal - sort gear by horse as well!
  • Clean and sell tack I'm not using
  • Set up new shelves in barn
  • Clean windows, tack room, etc for winter
  • Get trough heater going, since winter is definitely coming...

Personal Q4

  • No Zero Days plan – test for Q4 and implement fully in 2020.  Thanks to L Williams again for sharing this – it has really helped me!
    • draft 2020 goals
  • Continue saving to vet fund - set aside $50/pay to start
  • Consistent exercise of some sort
  • Continue working on ideas to help anxiety (kinda vague, I know!)
  • Plan meals and try to limit eating out
  • Savings for shows and some house repairs in 2020
  • Meet 2019 goal of 40 books read (low hanging fruit)
  • Volunteer somewhere - but not for a horse show/club - done and ongoing! This is sort of cheating, since I started volunteering for the therapeutic riding centre where Spencer now lives before I finished this post.

Work Q4

  • Read work-related news articles in French (fun topics like organized crime, terrorism, etc.  lol)


  1. Oh man I need to sort thru my winter / summer stuff too. Thanks for the reminder lol. I have a whole bunch of nooks and crannies that have just filled with dusty messy odds and ends that need attention, boo.

    Also re the savings, I use a very similar plan and have just set up automatic transfers that occur the days after paydays to move the set dollar amount into savings. I can always transfer back if I need the cash, but it’s been effective for “set it and forget it” savings!

    1. you're welcome! lol Fall --> winter is a big transition here with all of the nasty weather we get. Winter --> spring is happy and much more fun. lol

  2. Love that first meme! I'm a terrible goal setter. I have them in my head but if I write them down then I feel the need to follow through with them. That's too much work.

  3. Great goals! I'm looking forward to seeing how we all utilize these last months of the year and what we decide to do for 2020!

    1. Thanks - I'm feeling good heading in to 2020. I'm a sucker for goals/updates posts!


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