Sunday, December 8, 2019

Moving at the speed of...winter

Things tend to get slow here at BBQH when the cold and dark settles in.  I've come to accept that and not fight it.  The holidays are coming and there is a lot of planning to do for that.  My niece and her new baby are coming from the Yukon for a month, so I'm pretty excited to meet my great-niece! 
Archie - about 11 months now and full of P&V
I don't really mind winter, which is a good thing since I live where I do.  LOL  If you dress accordingly and have some coping strategies in place, you can get by.  I have to say I'm a little nervous about the impending ice that develops on laneways, etc here in Jan/Feb after last year's ankle-gate.  I've put a pair of yak-trax on my Christmas list, so hopefully Santa is on the ball!
Fairly accurate, I'd say!
This time of year, I just putter through my to-do list and try to do some thinking ahead for 2020 plans.  I may also dream of moving to Hawaii, but I haven't been able to put the numbers together for that to work! 
I've been helping the therapeutic riding centre sell some old tack and I brought a big bag of stuff home to clean and assess whether it is in ok shape to sell.  A lot of the strap goods are not in the condition where I would want to ride with it.  I'm going to keep some stuff aside and use it in craft/decor projects. I found some high quality but old leather reins that I'm going to use to tie back curtains and some ancient stirrups that I'm going to repurpose into something - not exactly sure what - over the winter.
2/3 cats find old reins to be excellent toys
Fred and Copper are doing fine - Copper is chubby and Fred's weight is holding well.  Copper gets so hairy that you can barely see his ears.   As we roll into the new year, I'm going to start keeping Fred in overnight to help get more hay into him and less into the other two butterball turkeys horses.
Yes, his forelock is full of burrs... Fred's sideeye cracks me up
I'm hoping to show Fred next year, if possible.  It takes a good 4 months to get a halter horse show fit from pasture condition, so I'm starting early in Jan since I can't work him much during the winter.  I'm planning to do some hand walking, longing if the snow conditions on the weekends are good and starting late January we get more light after work, so I'm hoping to do more under saddle prep and in hand work with him. 
Not looking too bad... 
The light was kinda cool this morning, so I took his blanket off and tried to get a few pics of him.  He wanted nothing of it - he kept leading me to the barn - that is where the food is!  I was hoping to get some artsy shots of him with all of the frost and the sun trying to rise in the background, but most ended up like this:
Hai! Fud now?  Why no fud?
He has a nice scar on his nose - a few weeks ago he decided to use his face to disassemble the trim on the window in his stall.  *sigh*  Horses.   I've been putting stuff on it every night, but I've noticed this time of year, sometimes the hair doesn't grow back until they shed out in the spring.  Weird creatures.

How about you guys?  What are you plans for the this time of year and the rest of the winter?  Do you keep on riding, or slow things down a little? 


  1. Aw he has such a friendly face!! Even with the bald spot lol. Charlie’s head is always covered in goose eggs bc he’s constantly bashing into things....

    1. For such graceful creatures, you'd think they would have better spatial awareness of their huge heads! lol

  2. oh my, you are right, where are the ears on that ball of moving fur! So cute though! I hope your winter is mild and safe, keep all your bones and tendons in 1 piece!

    1. Thanks - I would like to keep all body parts in one piece this winter. That will be #1 on my 2020 goals list! ;-)

  3. Copper lost his ears! Lol! He's just the cutest little fluff ball!
    In the past I mostly did as you do. I'd ride until the footing was frozen and then just groom and stuff cookies in them for the rest of the winter. But this year, I'm getting to ride since they're boarded.


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