Tuesday, April 28, 2020

JFC, 2020 can just staaahhhp

What else is in store for us this year?  I was doing ok with all of this stay-at-home stuff and the new way things work up until recently.

The last 10 days have just sucked. No other way to put it.   I'm aware that many people are in far worse situations than I am.  It seems tho, feelings are just a bit raw and it doesn't take much to weigh you down with anxiety and sadness.  Don't worry - I'm ok now, but sheesh...2020 can take a break and maybe we could just coast through the rest of the year?
Coping mechanisms
To start, my hubby got laid off from his job.  Now, this isn't a shock as I have been expecting it since the work from home order started.  We were just hoping maybe his company would hold on a bit longer and ride out the storm.  We have plans and options during this time, but it just sucks.

And then.  On top of all the shit the world is going through, on April 18/19, Nova Scotia had the highest casualty mass shooting that we have ever seen in Canada.   There 22 deaths, including one of our police officers.  The police force I work for is across the country and everyone is connected - I didn't know her personally, but coworkers did - and it sucks.  This fucking situation is just brutal.  The poor families can't even have funerals right now for their loved ones.  The towns where these crimes took place are all very small and community-focused and it must be very hard for them. 

Here is a link to a work-related photo - the officer that died was on the Musical Ride earlier in her career and they did a tribute to her: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10158189310303917&set=a.390936358916

Phew. Sorry for the heavy post. But wait, there's more!

Friday morning when I went out to the barn, Fred was lame.  There wasn't an obvious injury, so assumed abscess.  I soaked and poulticed and crossed my fingers that would drain soon, or I'd need the vet or farrier to come check it.

Update:  I didn't get this post finished the other day so I'm tacking more on here.  I had the vet out for Fred today, since his leg was all swollen yesterday when I went to remove the poultice.  The soaking and poulticing didn't get the abscess to drain, so I was worried there was a soft tissue injury. 
Sausage leg.  Ignore the dings - those are old.  
The vet found a super soft spot on his heel bulb (why there? sigh) and dug around in his hoof, but couldn't get it to drain.  I have to soak, poultice and give antibiotics and see if the farrier can find something on Thursday when he is here.   In the end, I'm glad it is an abscess and not something more serious (although this is Fred we're talking about here - 2 vet visits in a month! lol). 
pink unicorn duct tape? Yessir.  
How are you guys doing?  I hope everyone is hanging in there in these times. 


  1. 2020: The year all news was bad news...
    I'm so sorry for all of that! I hope that abscess blows soon. No more vet bills, Fred!
    I've been on the every two week vet rotation for Eros and Pammon, so I feel you!

    1. thanks and I hope your guys are better soon so you can finish the vet visits too!

  2. Ugh that shooting was so terrible, I’m so sorry to hear it hit so close to home for you your coworkers and friends <3 good luck with the employment landscape and hopefully Fred heals up ASAP! Also I’ve had that duck tape before and it does in fact make injuries less crappy haha

    1. Thanks... That pink unicorn tape made my day when I found it....lol

  3. I'm so sorry everything seems to be piling on lately for you! It is SO OVERWHELMING. I hope for all of us that things can coast a little easier very, very soon.

    1. thanks me too. I feel like the whole world needs a break. And soon. *sigh*

  4. This year definitely sucks. I'm so sorry to hear all this crap is piling on on top of the stay at home order. The shooting in particular is so so terrible :(

  5. Ugh, sorry you've been massively hit my the shit train :( Hopefully there is something to look forward to soon.

  6. I am so sorry that your husband was laid off. 2020 cannot be done fast enough.


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