Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Q1 Wrap-up and goals moving forward

Well, everyone's goals for 2020 have sure taken a hit, haven't they?  It is still to early to tell if there will be a show season here, but it isn't looking great and that is ok, since it is soooo out of my control.  With our weather, outdoor shows past September are pretty tough, as there aren't a lot of facilities with big indoor arenas set up for shows.   In fact, I don't think there is one in my region at all.

I've already had to pivot on my goals a bit and I added a couple of thing to the list.  Who knows what else will happen this year?  I'm not going to give up on my horse showing goals jussst yet.  We'll wait a bit and see where we end up.
So cute. Might not show this year. If ever...? lol
Q1 is usually quite slow around here anyway due to winter.  No shows, no real training, etc. happens, etc.  

I can't believe my 2020 horse goals didn't have the foal on there?  Sheesh.  That is one thing that (fingers crossed) is going well!And I have new horses goals to add for Q2 and onward.

Q1 Personal:
  • read 45 books - I'm at 12 so far
  • back up and organize photos (my computer is dying, so this is urgent!) - meh - this is ongoing. Does anyone have any tips on fun ideas with digital photos? I don't want stacks of prints lying around!
  • volunteer somewhere horse-y - on hold due to coronavirus
  • save $$ for foal hopefully coming in 2021 - this is going well, since I'm at home and not spending any money!
  • exercise program of some sort  - started walking 3-4 times / week
  • stick to a budget - this is one silver lining of the pandemic/SIP - spending is almost down to zero!

Q1 - Horses:  
  • start working Fred in hand, where possible - I was able to start this in March
  • Copper - stay healthy - CHECK!
  • get Lucy in foal - CHECK!!  We had the 45 day ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and all looks good!
  • New! find a second mare for my friend to breed and potentially ride 
  • New! find a bridle that fits Fred properly
  • New! get Fred more comfortable in a bit, if not try a hackamore
  • read/listen to some horse training material - podcasts, youtube, books etc - hard to quantify, but I read a bunch of interesting horse books back in January
  • clean and oil tack - um, no progress in Q1 - I have high hopes for Q2
  • continue to declutter and sell unused tack - um, no progress in Q1 - I have high hopes for Q2 and the rest of the year
work on selfies should maybe be a goal?  lolz
I don't have much going on right now, but I do have my horses at home, so having some extra time at the barn has been a real important thing for me.  I have lots I can do out there and this type of stuff is what I normally try and get done over the course of the year, as I have time.  Now though, having a bit more time in one chunk had me starting an updated to do/goals list for the barn for Q2:
  • clean and organize my hay storage area
  • fix and bury fence ground wires - DONE!
  • check pasture fence and come up with a plan to have fence fixed by mid-May
  • source some 2nd cut hay
  • clean and organize tack
  • try and figure out a bridle/hackamore option that fits Fred
  • repaint jump poles (note: not sure I can get any paint, so this might have to wait)
  • clean and put away winter blankets
  • put away the trough heater and extension cord
  • clean the tack room 
  • daydream about tack room renos/updates
  • clean cobwebs/windows/shelves
Random Archie photo, cause why not?
I'm sure this list will evolve the longer I'm at home, but this is my starting point.  Nothing is urgent, but all these nice-to-haves will make the barn tidier and more organized.

What about you guys? Are you still hoping for some 2020 goals to work out? Have you made some changes?  


  1. oh my goodness, "pivot on goals" is such a gentle way of phrasing it!! haha... ugh. for real, tho, way to adapt and evolve. seems like even with all the chaos, it's kinda nice to refocus on stuff like organization etc. my own goals are.... eh, let's say "on ice" haha.

    1. haha gentle...I'm trying to go easy on myself, since any goal failure at this point is 100% on coronvirus!

  2. Having horses at home and being able to tackle barn things I expected to take all year to complete is such a great way to keep my mind and body active and not hyperfocused on the dumpster fire that seems to be going on all around me. We are so lucky! And it makes me chuckle because my list contains nearly all of the items yours does. Though with the snow today, I'm laughing at my decision to already put the trough heater away. WHOOPS. lol

    1. haha funny that our lists are similar! I've learned my lesson the trough heater in years past... ;-) We had snow this week too. Gross.

  3. Horse show goals are over until the season is literally past us with no shows or at least that is how I'm looking at it! lol

    Right now I'm just plugging away at the things that I feel were holding us back from showing in the bigger class so hopefully when show season revvs back up (2020?2021?) I can feel more confident

  4. I just found your blog so one of my goals will be to catch up :)


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