Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Still here...

I've been having a hard time sitting down to put together even a simple post.  I'm fine, my family is fine, my job is fine.  But the world as a whole - not so fine.  And man it is hard/scary/stressful/ etc etc watching things unfold. 

I'm trying to see this time at home as a gift and while I'm not up to any major DIY projects or anything, I've been spending a lot of time at the barn.  Which is at my house - don't worry - I'm not travelling to see my horse.  I'm torn up that so many people can't see their horses right now and I'm super grateful that I can.  I feel guilty and lucky all all at the same time. 

I've been doing a lot of stuff with Fred and even Copper has some news to share with you guys (he always tells me to not forget him on the blog! lol).

So, seeing as how this one won't have a lot of substance, I'm just going to do a list with a few pictures and notes here and there.

1. My friend was able to have the vet out for the 45 day ultrasound on our mare.  The vet confirmed everything with the foal is looking good!  Woot.  300 more days to go? 

2.  Fred managed to hurt himself and got a big cut/puncture wound on his jaw. I tried cleaning it thoroughly, but it still got infected.  *sigh*  He was due for his vaccines right at the same time, so at least the vet call was 2 birds with one stone.     It is fine now and all scabbed over and almost healed up.

**  warning - gross photo ** was about the size of my thumb
2.  With spring arriving in these parts, we also get a lot of birds. Geese move in to the back pasture and we can hear wild turkeys all over the place, but rarely see one at my house.  Well, I can now scratch that off my list! A lone turkey wandered in to the horse's paddock and Copper ran it out of town!  lol  I was scrambling to get my camera, but didn't make it in time. 

The turkey came back the next day, but all it took was a glare from Copper and the turkey gave him a wide berth and kept moving on to greener pastures. 
That's right buster, keep moving. Copper, probably.
3. I went to Costco for supplies and they had a lot of cheese balls.  I took this picture for Stacie!
tasty pandemic snacks!
4. I took some time to get copies made of memberships, registration papers etc and put it all in a binder so I could find it.  I also cleaned up a lot of random papers and finally finished my taxes.
2020 calendar with shows...hahahaha...sob
5. I've been working Fred almost every day since I've been working at home.  We started with handwalking up and down the laneway and some lunging now that my ring is allllmmmmooooossst dry. 
Checking out the hood
The fun adventure has been taking Fred for walks in our neighbourhood.  I was a little worried he would be spooky, but since there is almost no traffic, he has been great.  We do 3-4 kms a few times a week.  

6. Cat pictures. Cause I got nothin' else! lol
A boy and his cat nip stuffed corn chip...
toe floof maintenance
I hope everyone is staying sane during this tough time!


  1. Our gobblers are gobbling lots more by the day. Funny to see that one in your pasture!

    1. yes, he has become quite the topic of conversation around here. We've taken to calling him Timothy. He has quite the back story now. lol

  2. Oh man I hope Stacie starts hoarding cheezeballs lol

  3. You guys. I have only one small can of cheese balls. But #3 was a beautiful photo! I hope you bought some!
    Sounds like things are pretty good up there for you, so that's wonderful! Don't feel guilty!

    1. I actually prefer the crunchier cheeto type cheezies. I may or may not have purchased a 1.2kg bag of those.

  4. ooooh i love those cat pictures tho!! and that turkey haha. but omg that puncture wound is nassssssty, ugh fred stahp!

    1. haha the cats are likely sick of me following them around! Yeah, the turkey has been a bit of excitement around here. Well, that and infected wounds. Fred is grounded in the barn until it heals up!


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