Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Black Lives Matter

I wanted to take a short moment to post something here - I've been waffling on what to say for many reasons - but those don't matter.  I'm sure I'll make mistakes, but you can't start out perfect.

My anxiety has been high this week - as I do work for the police and police actions are a part of my day to day life - but that's ok, I'm just trying to sit with the feelings and not judge or hide, but learn.

Anyway, I'm reading, listening, learning and trying to find ways to to take action to become an anti-racist.  Cause, guys, racism exists here too.  And just saying it is only a US problem is not good or remotely true.

Please check out L. Williams post, if you haven't already - she generously shared resources and her story and for that I am beyond grateful.

In addition to US resources, I'm making it a priority to find and support Canadian groups/charities and resources to further my awareness.

Edited to add:

Huffpost article - Cdn resources


  1. It can be hard to challenge what we thought we knew, but its imperative that we do so, for humanities sake.

  2. I'm sure you're hearing a bit different perspective given your line of work. It can be especially hard to stand up in that situation, so good on you for being open minded and willing to learn and listen.

    1. Yes, but our senior leadership has issued statements to employees, so that makes me feel like they are paying attention. Is there more to do/say? 100%, yes, but it is a start.

  3. We all have to start somewhere, and understanding the ways we've been imperfect is a good place, I think...


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