Friday, July 3, 2020

Q2 Wrap-up

Things have certainly being challenging thus far in 2020!  I went back to re-read my Q1 goals post and I had a chuckle at my optimism that things would pick up for shows and things around here.

Note: I’m having internet and blogger issues so I can’t seem to add any more photos. Sigh. #firstworldproblems

Needless to say, I've bit the bullet and totally scrapped most of my horse goals for this year and made some modifications.  I have done ok on the barn/pasture stuff, but need to really focus on the house in Q3 before things totally get away from me.

I think Charlie Mackesy summed up how I feel with this post on Instagram:

I'm also sad that attending QH Congress in Columbus is 95% out - who knows what the travel restrictions will be like by then (the border is closed until late July at least), the US dollar exchange rate is horrendous and I honestly don't know if I want to be around large amounts of people for a few more months. 

My plan B for a big horse show/shopping event was the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto in November, but it was canceled on June 25th, so that plan is toast as well.  I guess I should really just focus on saving money so next year can be a good one (fingers crossed!).

  • earn Fred's ROM (AQHA register of merit - each time a horse hits 10 points in a discipline/level, you get a certificate) in halter - we need 1.5 points in open and I think 3.5 points in amateur  - shelved until 2021 due to covid-19
  • show at a different venue/different club (I've shown at the same 2 places for 98% of past shows) shelved until 2021 due to covid-19
  • ride again - might still pull this off
  • attend a clinic of some sort shelved until 2021 due to covid-19
  • find a mare for my friend to ride and maybe breed (added Q1) - COMPLETED! W00t!
  • work as weather permits 
  • continue under saddle work - leaving this on in case I'm inspired to try him under saddle again
  • work on showmanship and in hand trail - maybe show at a schooling show? shelved until 2021 due to covid-19
  • find a bridle that fits his big head - COMPLETED for now with the world's ugliest bridle, found in a heap of old tack at the volunteer place
  • get him more used to the bit and/or try a hackamore
  • stay healthy! - Q1 - check! Q2 - check!
Lucy (my friend's mare)
  • get her confirmed in foal - Check! 45 day u/s done on 04/01 and all good!  Q2 - all good!
  • read 45 books - Q1 was great, Q2 not so much.  There is still time to save this goal!
  • back up and organize photos (my computer is dying, so this is urgent!) COMPLETED!
  • volunteer somewhere horse-y  - COMPLETED-ish early this year.  The therapeutic riding centre is still closed to outsiders due to covid-19 so nothing further for this year.
  • save $$ for foal hopefully coming in 2021- this is going well, thanks to covid-19
  • exercise program of some sort - ahhahaha!
  • stick to a budget - doing ok here in Q2, thanks to covid-19
  • read/listen to some horse training material - podcasts, youtube, books etc - Q1 - I read lots, Q2, not so much
  • continue to declutter and sell unused tack - ongoing - more work to be done here!
  • attend QH Congress (as a spectator) in October (I've missed the past 2 years!) - sadly, I think this will have to be scratched.  
  • use up products that are already in the house/barn (added Q2) - Ongoing - I'm on a mission here to use up as much stuff and not buy anything new unless urgent - like fly spray or something.
  • complete some minor house renos/décor updates - nothing in Q2
  • stay on top of yard/flowerbeds/fenceline - fencline yes, flowerbeds, uh hells no.  LOL
  • keep barn tidy
    • clean and organize my hay storage area - DONE Q2
    • fix and bury fence ground wires - DONE! Q1
    • check pasture fence and come up with a plan to have fence fixed by mid-May DONE Q2
    • source some 2nd cut hay - DONE Q2
    • clean and organize tack - ongoing, with more motivation now that there is a riding horse here!
    • repaint jump poles 
    • organize electric fence supplies/spare parts - added and DONE Q2
    • clean and put away winter blankets DONE Q2
    • put away the trough heater and extension cord DONE Q2
    • clean the tack room DONE Q2
    • daydream about tack room renos/updates DONE - LOL
    • clean cobwebs/windows/shelves DONE Q2
  • look into and start a plan/budget for some barn renos - eavestrough, upgrade lighting/wiring and maybe refinish the tack room - Q2 - made a spreadsheet with materials list, pricing


  1. I'm so bummed that the Royal is cancelled for this year, but also doubly grateful that I got my s*** together at the last moment last year to attend my first one. We have nothing even a little like it in the US, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. I haven't been since I was a kid, so was sort of looking forward to going. Oh well - maybe next year?

  2. one silver lining to all this nonsense is the cost savings from not having much of a life away from home....

  3. Ugh yeah I had some big horse related trips planned this year to check out cool events in other states and it just seem so unlikely to happen. At least though you have a mix of goals that can still be done and accomplished quite a lot!

    1. It is disappointing to cancel horse-related trips...

      I need a mix of goals so I don't get discouraged about not getting anything done!

  4. Slaying that tidy barn list!


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