Sunday, April 25, 2021

Trying to catch up - 2021 goals, etc.

I have been going through the hundreds of pictures I've taken this winter as I'm trying to get my blog caught up.   So far I am noticing a theme to my pictures/videos:

  • pictures of Rip
  • pictures/videos of the cats
  • pictures/videos of the cats sleeping with the dog
  • random attempts at artsy snow pics
  • memes

I found this silly video I took of Archie having a bath. Turn up the volume if you can for his big purr.  Lol.  Clearly I need to get out more!  I am still working from home full-time, with no end to that in sight. 
Vaccination rollouts are going super slow here, so who knows when I'll be able to get my vaccine.  I haven't seen my family since August, which kind of sucks.  I've been trying to figure out some goals for this year, but well, that is proving a bit difficult. Then I get sidetracked by the cats and memes.

So cute.  

In other news, in 2 weeks, my friend is moving back "home" to the farm where she grew up. It is really exciting for her to be going back there.  Her gelding will leave here mid-May once she has her stalls and paddocks set up.    I think Ivy will also be going to live there (reminder: this friend and I co-own Ivy) and Rip's Mom Lucy will also go once the little man is weaned (late May?).

It's tiring being little!

My friend's sister also just bought a horse and that mare will be at my place until sometime in May when she will go to the "farm".  :-).  I'll be helping ride this horse a bit as well, as my friend's sister is a bit rusty and nervous.  I'm really hoping I can trailer Fred over there this summer and the two of us can go for a hack or something.

So, all of this leads me to my 2021 goals. Thanks to anyone that has read this far down. lol

I'm keeping things simple this year, until we see if there will be any shows.

  • Ride Fred and try and keep him sound
  • Keep Copper sound and happy
  • Breed Ivy (first attempt was done mid-April - fingers crossed it worked!)
  • Learn about training a foal (yikes! lol)
  • Help my friend find another broodmare (I think this is done already - more to follow)
  • Help my friend's sister with her new mare
  • Have fun
And that is about the extent of it. Me being me, I have a more detailed document going with goals and accomplishments by quarter, but I'll share that another time.  For now, I'm just going with the flow and we'll see what we can get done!  

Are you guys going for any big goals this year?  Or being like me and taking it easy and rolling with things due to the pandemic?  Is anyone back to normal post-pandemic?


  1. I have my first dose of th3 vaccine. Right now we’re in our third wave and people are being stupid. So my horse plans may go up in smoke. In the meantime I’m just plugging awat at this riding thing and trying to not hit stupid people upside the head with a fish.

    1. Glad you had your first shot... And sigh on stupid people.

  2. sounds like lots of exciting movement with the horses -- love the goals too. and omg your cat is amazing omg

    1. yes, lots going on! And Archie is so freakin' adorbs, I can barely stand it. lol #crazycatlady

  3. I'm sorry things are going so slowly up there with vaccinations. It's impossibly to make plans when the world is on hold. I think having fun and enjoying your horses is the most important thing though, so definitely a good plan!

    1. yes, plans are non-existant now, but fun is being had and stuff is going on here at home, so that is ok in the end!

  4. Awww I hope that vaccine roll out picks up soon and you'll be able to get it and get back out into the world to see your fam


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