Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Still here - long overdue catch up post!

I was hoping to be more regular with updates, but that small goal has clearly fallen by the wayside.


I have lots of fun pictures of Rip to post but will get to that over the next few weeks… I'm still trying to archive and edit photos, but work has been busy, so I don’t always feel like more screen time at the end of the day.

Rip was getting out in the round pen a fair bit, then graduated to the small paddock

Rip is at my friend's farm for now and it has been a bit harder to get out there as much as I'd like.  I've been so spoiled having horses at home, that I'm not used to driving to see my horse!!

Here is a quick catch up and I'll work on more detailed posts (hopefully!).

In good news:

  • I’ve had both vaccines, our vaccine rates are really high here and things are slowly reopening.

  • I got a promotion at work, so more $$ for horse stuff!

  • I am still working from home, with no word of going back full time

  • I got to visit my family (twice)!

  • A few western horse shows are starting up – not sure I’ll make it to one, but at least they are happening

  • I may have done a little “treat yo’ self” splurging this summer – more to come

  • My friend and I bought another broodmare this spring (see pic of Mia below) and she is confirmed in foal. Woohoo! More on this in another post…

  • Rip continues to grow and be adorable

  • Another friend has been helping me with Rip and it has been such a great thing as I need all the help I can get!  ;-)

  • Rip was getting turnout in the round pen, then graduated to the small paddock close to the barn

Rip loves his Uncle Spunky - they play and bite each other's faces. Boys.

Rip is learning to eat a bit of grass and to greet other horses. I think he is learning that the mares are a bit different from his Uncle Spunky.  Lol  It is nice that my friend's paddock set up allows him to meet the mares across a fence, so we minimize the risk of him getting kicked or something.
Rip meeting Mia - she has a wonderful sweet temperament, but not a fan of young geldings. lol

In not-so-great news:

  • Ivy was bred in April, confirmed in foal, then something happened and the pregnancy was absorbed. Boo to that. Very disappointing, but always a chance to learn to apply to next year.

More updates to come; I’m not ready to give up on the blog just yet!


  1. oooh congrats on the promotion!! and the new broodmare!! Rip is so freakin cute, we def need more pics ;)

  2. So much happening!!! Can't wait to get all the details!

  3. Sounds like your are super busy! Sorry about Ivy not taking, but glad to hear from you and glad Rip is doing ok!

  4. Thanks - we'll try Ivy again next year and be more aggressive with hormone treatment in the early days.

  5. I'm behind on reading blogs, but was happy to see some updates from you. Rip is so cute! Glad so much good stuff is happening. So sorry about Ivy's pregnancy though...


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