Ongoing To Do List

  • shore up a few fence posts as they are approaching 20yrs old and with all the wet weather we get, wood rots eventually.    
  • replace the wiring that connects the electric fencing unit to the grounding rod and the "start" of the circuit for the fencing.   The grounding rod is the most important part in an electric fence system!   The coating on these wires also weakens with time and loses insulation, making it less conductive and a fire hazard.     DONE!
  • place interior wires in metal conduit, as there are often rodents (ewww!) in barns and that will protect the wires a bit.  
  • mow under all the fencelines
    • front pasture - DONE
    • back pasture -
  • check all the insulators on the posts.   Fred is a menace and needs to be securely fenced in!  lol 
    • front pasture - DONE
    • back pasture - DONE
  • trim the little trees and such that seem to want to grow in my fence.  Why can't they try and grow a few feet the other way? 
  • tighten strands all the way around
    • front pasture - DONE
    • back pasture -
  • and the last and most important step: check current - we want naughty young geldings to get zapped if they test the fence - test July 4 - current good!
  • stretch goal:  reset the big gate and 2 posts on either side
Tack room
  • replace insulation and plastic barrier.  This is just kinda gross after 20yrs. 
  • add conduit to wiring if possible
  • wipe everything down with pine sol
  • stretch goal - refinish tack room with something nicer than particle board
  • I really need an electrician to come out and replace my outdoor outlets.  Both have shorted on me in the past 2 years (again, everything is 20 yrs old!)
    • is it possible to DIY this???
  • see about better lighting in the aisle
  • see if it is possible to add an outlet in the aisle for clippers/fans?
  • get a quote to make bars for the stalls, windows and maybe Fred's door
    • is it possible to DIY something?
  • get a quote to install eavestrough on east side of barn
  • sweep out hay area and organize tools, etc.
  • rake up old hay in front of barn DONE
  • clean out shelter
  • harrow riding ring - as soon as it is dry enough! DONE
  • fence off a storage area for poles, harrows
  • try and clean up paddock as best as possible
  • clean water troughs
  • check and clean tack and organize supplies
  • stretch goal - have a friend with a tractor come over and move the manure pile and scrape paddock
  • stretch goal - first aid kit (Fred-specific)
  • stretch goal - replace rubber mats in 2 stalls (3rd stall is good)
  • stretch goal - paint stall fronts - I'm thinking dark green or a brown leather colour?

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