About BB QH

So, this blog name. Yeah.  I used to have a blog a few years ago and I sort of outgrew the name and just lost interest in blogging. 

All the juicy archives can be found here: littlekeebler.blogspot.com

My husband and I bought our current hobby farm back in 2012 and I've been trying to think of a cute/funny farm name ever since.  Nothing I came up with sounded right.  I had given up, until this past summer, when I bought my new horse Fred.

Fred is a QH and like most of his breed, has a large butt.  Halter horses seem to have especially large butts and that amuses me to no end.  So, the name "Big Butt Quarter Horses" was born. It started out as a joke on the long drive down and back to Kentucky to get Fred. My friend and I were pretty tired and were laughing at everything.  The name, BB Quarter Horses, or BBQH has stuck though!    I'm seriously considering getting a simple logo designed so I can embroider it on something. 

L-R: little Copper, Spencer and Bailey (a seasonal boarder).  The original big butts.
Last summer I was out in the pasture trying to get some good pics of Fred.  My husband yelled out the window: "are you taking pictures of Fred's butt?"  Yes, I am, but the light is tricky!  He just laughed and told me I was weird.  

I like big butts. I cannot lie. 
So, there is the blog name explained.  I haven't gone as far as to register the name with AQHA and have Fred's papers transferred over to the farm name.  It would be a riot to have the announcer read out:  shown by LC and owned by Big Butt Quarter Horses!  lol

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