The Equines

I'm lucky to have 3 geldings of my own and one boarder that is seasonal.

Spencer - QH - 18 years old this year!  I've had Spencer since 2012 and he continues to crack me up.  He isn't the fanciest horse out there, but he has more than enough attitude to make up for it.  We ride mostly western and have shown a bit at schooling shows, fairs and one breed show.  Mostly I just tool around and enjoy being in the saddle.
Update as of Sep19: Spencer has gone on a lease to a therapeutic riding stable.  I think this will be a great fit for him and the riding program there. 

Fred - QH - just turned 4!  I just bought Fred in May 2018. He is a halter horse and has shown as a 3yr old in breed shows.  He is unbroke and just stands around and looks nice.  :-)

Copper - mini - 12 yrs old (approx).  He was eligible to be registered, but his previous owner didn't get around to it.  He came with live with me in 2015 when his owner couldn't take care of him anymore. He has an old shoulder injury, so is just pasture sound.  He has the personality of a labrador retriever and makes me laugh a lot.  He and I also have the same hair colour! lol

Bailey - a seasonal boarder - he lives here in the summer and goes off to a boarding stable with an indoor in the fall/winter.

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